Information About The Request For New Books

As it is stated on the page dealing with ordering information, new books are requested. They must not be written in. The reason for this is that the books you send will more than likely be used for another brother's order. Take care in sending us the books. Use enough packing material so that the books will not slide into each other and become damaged. If this does occur, you will have to send them again and the damaged ones will be returned to you.

If you have books that you want bound that have notes and markings in them, you may send them and they will be labeled and used for your order. Please include this request.

We have actually had some of the friends cut pages, that were written on, out of the books they sent in. We have also found markings that had been whited out.

As we also mentioned under ordering information, we can begin phone orders with books that we have here, but you will have to send in the replacement books before we send your order to you. In the past we have sent out a finished order before the replacement books arrived, breaking policy, because the friends really needed the book for a special occasion. When the replacement books arrived, they were in such terrible condition, having been used for years. What brother did they expect us to use them for?

We do check all the books carefully when receiving them. Working with us on the above request will make things easier for everyone.

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