If you are concerned about ordering using E-Mail,You may find this information interesting.
Peter Kent, an author of several books dealing with the internet, who has also worked for companies such as Master-Card, has made some comments about the safety of credit card transactions over the internet. Here are a few things that he has said.

"The big question on the Web these days seems to be, "Is it safe?" People are concerned that information they send out across the internet can somehow be intercepted by someone in-between the Web browser and the Web server. It can be done. But very few people would know how to do it. Personally, I think the security threat has been exaggerated. Do I practice what I preach? Yes, I've sent our credit card numbers via e-mail to purchase something, and I didn't lose a moment of sleep.

I know people who wouldn't dare to send their credit card numbers across the Internet. Of course, these same people would give their credit card to a waiter in a restaurant, or to the guy in the 7-11, or even read the number over the phone to someone they've never met. They don't know what's happening to that credit card while it is out of their sight. The most dangerous point in a transaction is not while the message is winging its way across the Internet, but what happens once it gets to the other side. Relatively few credit card numbers are stolen online, for a couple reasons. Very few people know how to do it, yet just about anyone could figure out how to steal a number in the real world, and credit card numbers simply aren't very valuable because they are so easy to steal in the real world. At the time of writing it is actually safer to use a credit card in cyberspace than in the "real" world - at least, according to the credit-card companies, who should know!"

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